Social Studies Fair

The Homer High School Social Studies Fair was held in the auditorium on January 8, 2018.  After completing a research unit in American History class, Mrs. Jordan’s students entered their projects in the competition.  Student projects were judged according to the quality of the research and the creativity of the display board. Students were also asked to deliver an oral presentation to the judges.  Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.  They are as follows:

Sociology category—1st place Justin Applewhite with his project titled “Silent Struggle”

Sociology category—2nd place Rinkle Bhagat with her project titled “Depression”

Sociology category—3rd place Antinesha Kimble with her project titled “Bipolar Disorder”

Sociology category—Honorable Mention Tommy Austin with his project titled “Gaming”

Sociology category—Honorable Mention Tamya White with her project titled “Autism”

Sociology category—Honorable Mention Biunkia Holyfield with her project titled “Teen Suicide”

Anthropology category—1st place Fatima Ewing with her project titled “Internet”

Anthropology category—2nd place Phylise Anderson with her project titled “Musical Influence”

Political Science category—1st place Tymia Evans with her project titled “Police Brutality”

Political Science category—2nd place Tiera Adams with her project titled “Black Lives Matter”

Political Science category—3rd place T’Kyia Ferrell with her project titled “Racism Ruins Lives”

History category—1st place Ciara Evans with her project titled “Medgar Evers”

History category—2nd place Jzhakayla Malone with her project titled “The Holocaust”

History category—3rd place Cameron Manuel with his project titled “The World Trade Center”

History category—4th place Jakendra Dawson, Antinesha Kimble and T’Kyia Ferrel with their group project titled “Composers”

History category—Honorable Mention Rukenzall McNeal with his project titled “Salem Witch Trial”

Louisiana History category—Honorable Mention Sharoland Holyfield with his project titled “Mardi Gras”

Louisiana History category—Honorable Mention Jakendra Dawson with her project titled “Mardi Gras”

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