The Region II Science and Engineering Fair Winners

The Region II Science and Engineering Fair was held in the Student Center at Louisiana Tech University on Friday, January 26, 2018.  Project submissions were judged on the research plan and procedure, as well as data analysis. As part of the competition, students were also interviewed by teams of judges.  Congratulations to the winners from Homer High School. They are as follows:

Physics and Astronomy Category—1st place Mariah West with her project titled “Magnificent Magnets: Fun with (Ferro) Fluids”

Chemistry Category—2nd place Chandler Glanc and Maria Lumbreras with their project titled “Chemical Reactions: Made to Entertain”

Cellular and Molecular Biology Category—3rd place Tyrese Ambeau with his project titled “The Fingerprint”

Congratulations to these students–we are very proud of the great job that they did in representing Homer High so well! Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, and Maria Lumbreras are now eligible to compete in the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair competition to be held at LSU in Baton Rouge March 21-22, 2018.

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