Homer High School Awarded $600 Grant

Homer High School has been awarded a $600 grant from the Highest Needs Classroom Fund sponsored by Adoptaclassroom.org.  This is the second award from the Highest Needs Classroom Fund, and the third award that Homer High School has received from Adoptaclassroom.org.  Grants from Adoptaclassroom.org now total more than $3,900. This year grant funds are being used to purchase project materials for students who are competing in the Louisiana State Science and Social Studies Fairs.  Students are using the new project boards, adhesives, stencils, and trim to engineer creative displays to accompany their research papers.

As part of a continued effort to fund project-based learning, an equipment and materials “wishlist” has been created for Homer High School.  Anyone who wishes to support this STEM initiative is encouraged to visit http://www.adoptaclassroom.org and check out the exciting list of projects posted on the website for this school year.

Pictured here are students who are currently working on projects for the state fair competitions.  We want to thank our donors at Adoptaclassroom.org for helping our students succeed!  We also want to wish these students continued success with their projects!

Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, and Maria Lumbreras will compete in the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Fatima Ewing, T’Kyia Ferrell, Justin Applewhite, and Phylise Anderson will compete in the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles.

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