Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader Program

Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader Program

Seniors from Homer High School visited Mrs. Bailey’s fourth grade class at Homer Elementary Thursday morning.  As part of the Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader partnership program between the two schools, the group presented the book Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons.  Meshaunta Adams, Chauncell Jenkins, Stantavia Hamilton, Jimiracle Crew, and Kennelius Gulley read the book to the elementary students and explained about different breeds of chickens and the incubation process for eggs. After the book presentation, the team helped the fourth-graders to complete a math worksheet on addition. Students also had the chance to create a simple “baby chicken” art project using paper bags, construction paper, and color crayons.  All of the books and art supplies were purchased with grant funds from the AITC mini-grant sponsored by Claiborne Parish Farm Bureau. For hosting the Volunteer Reader team, Mrs. Bailey received a classroom set of Louisiana commodity bookmarks, a copy of the Exploring Louisiana Agriculture book, and a packet of Ag Literacy lesson plans and hands-on activity pages.  The Exploring Louisiana Agriculture book, published by the Louisiana AITC Committee, features farms and commodities from around the state.

Ms. Erika Anderson, Agri-Science/Vocational Agriculture teacher from Homer High School, accompanied the seniors and “Puffy” and “Blondie” on their visit to the elementary school. “Puffy,” a Feather-legged Bared Coching chicken, and “Blondie,” a Feather-legged Buff Brahma chicken, were the stars of the show.  In real-life, “Puffy” and “Blondie” are part of the prize-winning exhibition poultry team at Homer High School. FFA students from Homer High School have been raising the Bantam chickens all year, and have been very successful at competitions around the state.  These new Ag Ambassadors are definitely adding some fun and excitement to the classroom visits! Check out the photos from Thursday’s event…


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