School Dismissed for Weather

School is being dismissed on Thursday, August 27, as a precaution for the storms moving into the area from Hurricane Laura.   As of right now, we will only dismiss on Thursday, and a decision regarding Friday will be made Thursday afternoon by supervisors and Mr. Kennedy.  You will receive a new notification at that time from Homer High School AND the Claiborne Parish School Board regarding Friday plans.   Since today (August 26, 2020) was an A day (seniors and freshmen) for Homer High School, when we return, we will resume with B-day (sophomores and juniors).

Please check the website for updated information tomorrow evening regarding Friday.  Whether we return on Friday OR on Monday, it will be a B day schedule with sophomores and juniors on campus and seniors/freshmen will be virtual from home.
Another reminder that on your virtual days at home, you MUST log in at 7:40 to your first period class, or you will be counted absent for the day with an unexcused absence.

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