Entergy Grant Funds Theater Materials for Homer High School Students

Entergy Louisiana has awarded a grant of $1,000.00 to Homer High School.    This grant is made possible by the Entergy Charitable Foundation, which supports educational programs that are focused on improving communities as a whole.   This grant opportunity for the theater program at Homer High School will provide materials to enhance performance art and culture through community improvement and enrichment activities.  The grant monies will be used to purchase professional costumes, wigs, and make-up kits for live play performances in the school auditorium.   The project, titled “A Packed House for Homer High: Making the Dream a Reality,” will be fully implemented during the 2017-2018 school year.  Students enrolled in Speech Communications and Fine Arts Survey classes will be able to practice make-up application skills in class before a play is performed.  Students will then use the makeup kits to create their characters for the live stage performances, as well.  Students will utilize the costume materials such as wigs, hats, and hand-prop accessories to compose individual looks for their characters during dress rehearsals and for final play performances in the school auditorium.  Parents and members of the community are encouraged to support the theater program productions through attendance at the live stage performances.  Stay tuned for updates on the project’s progress when school begins in August.

From left to right:  Homer High students Maria Lumbreras, Carrie Driskill, Chandler Glanc, Jared Butts, and Arianna Mitchell are pictured with Ms. Cindy Gordon, Entergy Project Manager.


Graduation Announcements


Commencement Ceremonies begin this evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Homer High School Auditorium.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for guest seating.

Family, Friends, and Guests, please promptly be seated when you arrive.

Restrooms are located on the first floor wings.  Drinking fountains are located on both floors.

Please, no food or drinks allowed in the auditorium.

There will also be a short video of the graduates played before the ceremony begins to signal the beginning of commencement ceremonies.

Please maintain clear aisles throughout the ceremony, so the graduates may enter with the cedar rope and exit following commencement.

Graduation photos will be taken by the school during the ceremony and will be available for FREE download from our website at http://www.homerhighpels.com.  The 2017 Graduation Album will be on the website by Friday, May 12.



Tentative EOC Schedule for Students

Monday (24th)
8:00    Geometry (5th and 7th periods)
12:03  Geometry (3rd period)

Tuesday (25th)
8:00    English II (2nd period)
12:03  English II (1st & 4th period)

Wednesday (26th)
8:00    Biology (1st period)
12:03  Biology (6th & 7th period)

Thursday (27th)
8:00    US History (1st period)
12:03  US History (5th period)

Friday (28th)
8:00    English III (1st period)
12:03  US History (7th period)

Monday (1st)
8:00  English III (2nd period)
12:03 Algebra I (5th period)

Tuesday (2nd)
8:00  English III (5th period)
12:03 Algebra I (7th period)

Wednesday (3rd)
8:00  Algebra I (First half of 6th period)
12:03 Algebra I (Second half of 6th period)

Homer Faculty Member Receives National Award for Excellence in Education

Erika Anderson, Ag Science teacher at Homer High School, is the recipient of a national award for excellence in education.  Ms. Anderson is one of only 45 teachers in the nation to receive this award for her efforts to enhance classroom curriculum with the inclusion of units focused on agriculture and food systems. She will be recognized for this achievement at the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference this summer in Kansas City, Missouri, the week of June 20-23.  Her attendance at the conference is sponsored by a scholarship from the CHS Foundation, a stewardship program of CHS, a global agribusiness involved in energy, grains, and foods owned by U.S. farmers, ranchers and cooperatives.

Ms. Anderson is pictured below with her Ag I students.  Projects this year included planting seeds for vegetables and herbs, and incubating eggs and hatching baby chickens.

April Schedule of Events

Any changes to the following dates will be announced over the intercom and via the website.  This is the tentative schedule of events for the month of April.

6 --  School Board Meeting
10 -  Faculty meeting with ULLC (same teachers that met with Generation)
      immediately following school
13 -  Awards Ceremony?tentative?
      Cheerleader Meeting at 6:00 PM
14 -  No School(Easter Break)
17 -  No School(Easter Break)
18 -  Cheer Tryout Camp 3:15
19 -  Cheer Tryout Camp 3:15
20 -  Assembly 9:30 am(tentative)
      Cheer Tryout Camp 3:15
21 -  Cheer Tryout 3:15
22 -  Jr/Sr Prom  7:30 PM
24 -  4-H Banquet
25 -  FFA Banquet
27 -  Scholars Banquet
28 -  Ring Ceremony

Small Engines Teams Practice Until They Run out of Gas

Small Engines Team member Jacob Ceccarelli re-fueling with a nap at the end of a long practice for the upcoming competition. Proof that teenagers can and will sleep anywhere.

When you walk into small engine practice and find this, you have them pack up all their contest stuff and send them home early. At this point, one more run through is not going to make a difference, but rest will.

BIG day tomorrow as they compete at the Area I small engines contest. They have to finish in the top 4 to qualify to move on to the state contest. Poor things have worked their tails off and pushed themselves for the last month, so I am really hoping and praying it will pay off for them. No matter what happens, I could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication they have put into being the best they could be at this sport.

Submitted by Vocational Agriculture teacher, Ms. Erika Anderson
Our Homer High School faculty are proud of our Homer High School Vocational Agriculture students who work so hard to achieve excellence in their education.

Homer High School Receives Walmart Community Action Grant

Homer High School has received a Community Action Grant in the amount of $750.00. The grant funds will be used to create a Career Learning Station in the school Media Center.  This dedicated space will give students the information, materials, and technology they need to explore career choices and plan successfully for the future.  Students will be able to research job opportunities, locate and complete job applications, print cover letters, resumes and applications, and prepare portfolios for prospective employers.  Principal Lee Simms and Mrs. Kourtney Smith, guidance counselor, visited the Walmart store in Minden last week to purchase a new HP Chromebook for the Career Learning Station.  The Minden store location (Facility #87) supported the grant, which is funded by the Walmart Foundation.


Mr. Simms and Mrs. Smith pose with Manager Chris Priestley, department managers, and customer service associates in the Minden store.