Homer High School

FFA Roster 2015-2016

  1. Andrea Christensen
  2. Anthony Bissell
  3. Brandon Lyons
  4. Briana Bissell
  5. Cameron Young
  6. Carrie Driskill
  7. Chandler Glanc
  8. Decarra Ellis
  9. Emmantavious Ivory
  10. Gabriel Arias Jr
  11. Jack Page
  12. Jacob Ceccarelli
  13. Jarmillion Davis
  14. Jaylan Jones
  15. Johnny Wilson
  16. Jonathan Ceccarelli
  17. Jonia Como
  18. Joshua Robinson
  19. Joshua Williams
  20. Kerocious Hampton
  21. Lekeandre Smith
  22. Michael Woodham
  23. Randy Stewart
  24. Ruquessia Mcneal
  25. Sandra Banuelos
  26. Shenmary Critton
  27. Terry Walker


Meeting Minutes August 27, 2015

  • Students Sign in, Opening Ceremonies with available officers
  • Dues $15.00- due Sept. 11, 2015
  • If you are interested in being an officer, fill out an officer application and give it back to Mr. Utley.
  • First Meeting Sept. 8, 4:30 p.m. installation of new officers
  • Cookout Sept. 15  Ag Shop 5:00 pm.
  • October 6, Forestry CDE at LA Tech- Ag II
  • Homecoming Float–Week of Oct 7 and 8–work on after school
  • State Fair of Louisiana–Last Week of October.  You must build state fair project to go.  Freshmen may go if they are competing in the creed competition.
  • Christmas Parade Float-December- Work on after school.
  • Leadership CDE–January 12th–creed, speeches, marketing plan, Geaux Teach Ag.  Let Mr. Utley know if you are interested in competing.
  • Spring CDE- March at LA Tech–Small engines, Welding, Electricity, Poultry Evaluation, Meat Judging, Plants Science–   Let Mr. Utley know if you are interested.

Fundraising events:

  • Christmas turkeys, Meat Sticks, State Fair, Deer Stands
  • Summer–State Convention, Leadership Camp
  • Ideas?  T-shirt Designs:  We would like student input on these, please.

Closing Ceremonies 

See Mr. Utley if you are interested in joining Homer High School’s

Future Farmers of America Club.

His offices are in the Vocational Agriculture / Shop building.

The First FFA meeting was held August 27, 2015 on Club Day.

©2015 Homer High School, Claiborne Parish School Board

FFA is an intercurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. It is one of three components of agricultural education.

The heart of the National FFA Organization is at the local chapter level. FFA chapter may be chartered in any public school with an agricultural education program. Leadership is provided by student officers who are elected each year by the chapter’s members, and by the agriculture teacher who serves as the advisor for the chapter.

Source:  https://www.ffa.org/about/what-is-ffa


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