Principal’s Corner

Lee Simms, Principal

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Keith Beard, Assistant Principal

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A Note from the Principal

As we begin another school year, I’m looking forward to even better things happening for our students and faculty.   Several positive things have happened for us at Homer High School, and there are many things still in works that will make our school even better.   Our teachers will be working more closely together to enhance reading opportunities across the curriculum.   We have several grants that overseen by Mrs. Owens that will bring many new and innovative opportunities for our students.  Several new teachers have been hired who are bringing ‘real world’ work experience into their classrooms.   Positive reinforcement for good behavior is going to be in place for grades, attendance, and correct behaviors.  I believe we are going to see even more positive influences and opportunities for our students throughout the year.

Mrs. Owens has worked extremely hard to update our library/media center.   I’ve already heard very positive responses from our students stating that they love the new look, and they now have a place they can feel welcome and have areas ‘just for them’.   Mrs. Owens has provided reading centers, game areas, positive banners, and many other things to make the library an inviting area for those who enter.   She is currently incorporating an area for our juniors and seniors to create resumes and applications for colleges, jobs, and scholarship opportunities.   She has also created a research center with approximately 25 computers for students to utilize before school, during lunch, and after school.   I believe this avenue for our students is going to be a very positive thing for them as the year progresses and as they need more computer time for research and classroom projects.

We are also in the process of setting up a multi-media room, where our students will have access to musical instruments, video recording equipment, and other avenues of technology. This will allow them more hands-on opportunities for learning in their math and science classes.  It is my hope that our broadcast journalism class will utilize some of this same equipment to create a Homer High School newscast where students can report on weekly activities at Homer High School.   I believe this is going to be a very valuable tool for our students to engage in and prepare for their futures

I hope that our community will help share the positive things that are happening for our students within our community.  We have some wonderful students at Homer High School who truly desire a chance to find their niche.   I am greatly appreciative of those people who have stood up and supported the faculty and me throughout this past year.  Your willingness to see our students succeed and to help create a positive outlook for Homer High School did not go unnoticed.    I truly do value the kind words and personal contacts from many of you in our Homer community to support all that we have done for our students.

Respectfully submitted,

Mr. Lee Simms

Principal, Homer High School

©2015 Homer High School, Claiborne Parish School Board







One thought on “Principal’s Corner

  1. Twilla Alford

    Thank you for allowing me to become a part of Homer High School’s creativity and ingenuity. Hopefully, my life’s experiences and mother/grandmother will also give me some wisdom to guide these young minds in the right direction. What’s my say? “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!”


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