School Dismissed for Weather

School is being dismissed on Thursday, August 27, as a precaution for the storms moving into the area from Hurricane Laura.   As of right now, we will only dismiss on Thursday, and a decision regarding Friday will be made Thursday afternoon by supervisors and Mr. Kennedy.  You will receive a new notification at that time from Homer High School AND the Claiborne Parish School Board regarding Friday plans.   Since today (August 26, 2020) was an A day (seniors and freshmen) for Homer High School, when we return, we will resume with B-day (sophomores and juniors).

Please check the website for updated information tomorrow evening regarding Friday.  Whether we return on Friday OR on Monday, it will be a B day schedule with sophomores and juniors on campus and seniors/freshmen will be virtual from home.
Another reminder that on your virtual days at home, you MUST log in at 7:40 to your first period class, or you will be counted absent for the day with an unexcused absence.

Google Suite Tutorials

This summer, teachers worked hard to be prepared for the coming school year. Our teachers are planning to use Google Chromebooks, along with Google Classroom, and Google Meet to provide in-class and virtual learning. Parents and Guardians are invited to learn more about the Google Suite by clicking on the link below and enjoying a variety of tutorials:

Senior Drive Thru

Senior drive thru recognition Tuesday, June 9th from 6:00 – 6:45 PM. Please call the school and let us know any senior that wants to participate by noon on Thursday, June 4th to reserve your spot. Chief McDaniel and school administration will create a one way street for people of the community to drive by and celebrate our seniors. This is NOT taking the place of a graduation ceremony. School phone number is 318-927-2985.