Claiborne Parish Meal Services

On Sunday March 22nd, Governor Edwards issued a stay-at-home order to begin Monday, March 23rd, at 5:00 pm and lasting until April 12th. Out of an abundance of caution for Claiborne Parish School Board employees, as well as, parents and students, we will discontinue our food service meal program that was scheduled to resume on Monday, March 30th. This will allow our staff the ability to honor the stay-at-home order just like everyone else.
Understanding that some families need meals, we have applied to become part of the “Meals-to-You” program run by Baylor University. The program ships meals directly to homes that have a desire to receive them. This would allow parents/guardians the ability to stay at home and limit their exposure as well. This morning our application was accepted. Once approved, we will post information on our Facebook page and do a call out, as well, to notify you how to proceed to become part of this program if you so desire.
This is a situation like none we have ever seen before. PLEASE follow the Governor’s order by social distancing and staying at home as much as possible. I hope and pray that you all remain safe and healthy during these trying times.

William Kennedy

Student Classwork Packets

Teachers have created school packets for our students. Pickup begins Wednesday, March 18th. The courses will be laid out in packets on tables in the foyer and students may grab their work from the marked envelopes. Pickup will be Wednesday thru Friday 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. No pickup during regularly scheduled spring break (March 23rd – 27th).

Please be aware that OdysseyWare courses for credit recovery(classes failed in the fall) are still expected to be complete by March 31st.