EOC kickoff/Funday on April 20th:

We are planning an EOC kickoff/Funday this Friday afternoon. Students must sign up and pay Coach Gilbert to play in the Coed Volleyball games, 3 on 3 basketball, 3 point shoot out and dunking contest by Wed. Entry forms are in the office. Fun Day will be this Friday from 12:15-3:00. Admission is free but students must pay for all activities except class tug of war. Concessions will be available. If you wait and sign up after Wed – entry fee doubles! If you receive any referral or suspension or are sent out of class, you will not be allowed to participate in the funday activities.

Students from Homer High School perform scenes from the award-winning Broadway musical Cats!


As part of a drama unit in Fine Arts Survey class, students studied the play Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber. After viewing the performance in class, students then had the chance to create costume masks for their favorite characters from the production.  Students worked in teams to rehearse a script for one of the scenes, and then had the opportunity to perform that scene on stage in the school auditorium.  Materials for the project were purchased with funds from a grant made possible by the Entergy Charitable Foundation.

Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader Program

Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader Program

Seniors from Homer High School visited Mrs. Bailey’s fourth grade class at Homer Elementary Thursday morning.  As part of the Ag Literacy Volunteer Reader partnership program between the two schools, the group presented the book Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons.  Meshaunta Adams, Chauncell Jenkins, Stantavia Hamilton, Jimiracle Crew, and Kennelius Gulley read the book to the elementary students and explained about different breeds of chickens and the incubation process for eggs. After the book presentation, the team helped the fourth-graders to complete a math worksheet on addition. Students also had the chance to create a simple “baby chicken” art project using paper bags, construction paper, and color crayons.  All of the books and art supplies were purchased with grant funds from the AITC mini-grant sponsored by Claiborne Parish Farm Bureau. For hosting the Volunteer Reader team, Mrs. Bailey received a classroom set of Louisiana commodity bookmarks, a copy of the Exploring Louisiana Agriculture book, and a packet of Ag Literacy lesson plans and hands-on activity pages.  The Exploring Louisiana Agriculture book, published by the Louisiana AITC Committee, features farms and commodities from around the state.

Ms. Erika Anderson, Agri-Science/Vocational Agriculture teacher from Homer High School, accompanied the seniors and “Puffy” and “Blondie” on their visit to the elementary school. “Puffy,” a Feather-legged Bared Coching chicken, and “Blondie,” a Feather-legged Buff Brahma chicken, were the stars of the show.  In real-life, “Puffy” and “Blondie” are part of the prize-winning exhibition poultry team at Homer High School. FFA students from Homer High School have been raising the Bantam chickens all year, and have been very successful at competitions around the state.  These new Ag Ambassadors are definitely adding some fun and excitement to the classroom visits! Check out the photos from Thursday’s event…


Homer High School Awarded $600 Grant

Homer High School has been awarded a $600 grant from the Highest Needs Classroom Fund sponsored by Adoptaclassroom.org.  This is the second award from the Highest Needs Classroom Fund, and the third award that Homer High School has received from Adoptaclassroom.org.  Grants from Adoptaclassroom.org now total more than $3,900. This year grant funds are being used to purchase project materials for students who are competing in the Louisiana State Science and Social Studies Fairs.  Students are using the new project boards, adhesives, stencils, and trim to engineer creative displays to accompany their research papers.

As part of a continued effort to fund project-based learning, an equipment and materials “wishlist” has been created for Homer High School.  Anyone who wishes to support this STEM initiative is encouraged to visit http://www.adoptaclassroom.org and check out the exciting list of projects posted on the website for this school year.

Pictured here are students who are currently working on projects for the state fair competitions.  We want to thank our donors at Adoptaclassroom.org for helping our students succeed!  We also want to wish these students continued success with their projects!

Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, and Maria Lumbreras will compete in the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Fatima Ewing, T’Kyia Ferrell, Justin Applewhite, and Phylise Anderson will compete in the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles.

The Region II Science and Engineering Fair Winners

The Region II Science and Engineering Fair was held in the Student Center at Louisiana Tech University on Friday, January 26, 2018.  Project submissions were judged on the research plan and procedure, as well as data analysis. As part of the competition, students were also interviewed by teams of judges.  Congratulations to the winners from Homer High School. They are as follows:

Physics and Astronomy Category—1st place Mariah West with her project titled “Magnificent Magnets: Fun with (Ferro) Fluids”

Chemistry Category—2nd place Chandler Glanc and Maria Lumbreras with their project titled “Chemical Reactions: Made to Entertain”

Cellular and Molecular Biology Category—3rd place Tyrese Ambeau with his project titled “The Fingerprint”

Congratulations to these students–we are very proud of the great job that they did in representing Homer High so well! Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, and Maria Lumbreras are now eligible to compete in the Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair competition to be held at LSU in Baton Rouge March 21-22, 2018.