Homer High Alumni


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Dear Homer High School Alumni and Friends,

We have recently organized an alumni association in honor of Homer High School.  This organization is dedicated to raising funds and support for academics, arts, and athletics at Homer High School.  A board of loyal and enthusiastic supporters (thus, our name) met to discuss how we could all come together as a Pelican Family to assist and give back to an educational institution that means so much to all of us.  Our alumni association was founded with the goal of supporting students with academic scholarships, artistic support, and athletic funds to enhance Homer High School.

We are asking for each of you to donate to the Alumni Foundation in amounts of the year you graduated, attended Homer High School, or in honor of a special year.  If you graduated in 1971, you can donate $19.71 for PELS Membership, $197.10 for Gold Honorary Membership, and $1,971.00 for Pelican Purple Memberships.  Of course, you can also donate any amount you desire, contribute each year until you reach the level you desire, or donate in honor or memory of classmates, teachers, coaches, staff members, teams, clubs, etc.    We plan to acknowledge classes who have contributed the most in a bit of friendly competition.  Contributors will be listed in newsletters, on the school website, in local publications, and in future presentations.  These funds will held in a non-profit account where all academic scholarships, artistic enhancements, and athletic funding will be voted upon by the alumni board.  This board has written by-laws and will meet each semester throughout the school year to review the needs at Homer High School.  We want to secure the future of our school while honoring its history.

Each year Homer High graduates complete college and technical school degrees, start their own businesses, and make us proud.  Annual scholarships will assist in reaching future students in attaining their academic goals.  Again, Pelicans, let us flock together and help our school be the best that it can be.  Thank you in advance for your part in making Homer High School and its 115-year history what it is today.


P.E.L.S. Board, Homer High School Alumni Foundation

Note:  Contributions to the foundation may be sent to the following address:

Dr. Bill and Denice Owens (treasurer/secretary)

151 McClung Owens Road  Homer, Louisiana 71040

Contact information:  wowens@agcenter.lsu.edu

PELS Homer High School Alumni Foundation Board

Mr. Robert Sanders, president

Mrs. Susan Tabor Herring, Vice-president/public relations

Mrs. Denice Owens, secretary

Dr. Bill Owens, treasurer

Mr. Mike Blackwelder

Mr. Bill Herring

Mr. Terry Martin

Mr. David Robinson

Mr. Fred Young

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