Student Dress Code

The following is a guide for you as you begin buying clothes and accessories for the upcoming school year.  These are not the only things you need to pay attention to – the Claiborne Parish Handbook is still the basic guideline, but these are some things for you to consider that cause most trouble.  Please take note that there are certain items that are NOT going to be allowed on campus because of the consistent problems they have caused in maintaining the basic policy stated in the Claiborne Parish Handbook.

HOODIES:   NO HOODIES are going to be allowed on HHS campus.  This is a safety issue as well.

Students want to wear hoodies in the hallways and we cannot recognize faces on cameras if needed.    You may wear solid school approved color(purple, gold, white, gray) sweatshirts where the collars of school approved shirts are visible.   NO NIKE, ABERCROMBIE, AEROPOSTALE, etc will be allowed.  If you wear any unapproved outerwear on campus, it will be taken up and left in the office for you to pick up. ALL OUTERWEAR MUST BE SOLID


 PANTS:   Must have belt loops and worn with a belt.  No drawstring waitbands are allowed. Students don’t know how to keep them pulled up.  Zip ties will be used next year.

No sagging pants are going to be allowed.   If we can see gym shorts or underwear, you will be dealt with according to parish policy which may lead to suspension for a 3rd offense.

Pants must be navy or khaki only.

SHIRTS:  Must be collared and solid school approved color(purple, gold, white, gray).   Shirts must have sleeves and a collar should be visible if wearing a sweatshirt or jacket.

PIERCINGS:  Parish policy states that only girls may wear earrings.   No ear rings for boys.   Earrings must be small and non distracting.  Steer clear of hoops and long hanging ear rings.

No gauges of any sort will be allowed.  NO nose rings, lip rings, or other piercings are allowed as noted in CPSB policy.

CELL PHONES:  As per parish policy, if you are seen using a cell phone for any reason at any time while on school campus, it may be confiscated by any school personnel.  If you refuse to turn over the cell phone, you will be suspended until the cell phone is turned over and held according to parish policy.

We will be very observant of the dress code policy.