Another great year in the library!

Mrs. Owens and the Library Club would like to thank all of the students, teachers, administrators, donors, and community supporters who helped to make this school year so successful.  From the Scholastic Book Fair in the fall to the Social Studies and Science Fairs in the spring, we have had a busy and productive year.  We have added more than one hundred new books to the library collection and continued our literacy initiatives with Career Projects and the Volunteer Reader Program.  We also want to say a special “thank you” to donors such as The Lisa Libraries of New York, The Historic New Orleans Collection, Claiborne Parish Farm Bureau,, and the White-Reinhardt Foundation for sponsoring many of our programs this year.

Participants in the State Science Fair traveled to the Vieux Carre thanks to funds donated by The Historic New Orleans Collection. Images  courtesy  of  The  Historic  New  Orleans  Collection,  photographs  by  Melissa  Carrier.

Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, Maria Lumbreras, and Mr. Simms check out primary source documents in the Reading Room at The Historic New Orleans Collection.


Mr. Simms, Maria Lumbreras, Mariah West, Chandler Glanc, and Mrs. Owens pose with Mardi Gras Krewe regalia, part of the collection of historic artifacts archived at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Students at Homer Elementary received Reading Prizes at the annual Awards Day.  Thanks to a grant funded by The Lisa Libraries of New York, top readers were presented with books to take home.


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